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Childlife Playsets

In addition to our Woodplay playsets, we at Woodplay of the Carolinas are proud to offer ChildLife Playsets. Since 1945, ChildLife has enjoyed a stellar reputation for producing playsets of outstanding quality and safety at affordable prices, bringing fun to families throughout the world.

Discover Woodplay of the Carolinas’ ChildLife Playset Options Including a Wide Variety of Features and Accessories

ChildLife playsets are designed and constructed in a very similar fashion to Woodplay’s products, including larger-than-standard lumber, recessed and capped hardware, and robust engineering for incredible durability. These playsets are made out of sustainable laminated cedar, resulting in structures of incredibly high quality at affordable and cost-effective prices.


ChildLife playsets are the Safari Series listed in our catalog: Tiger Tower, Monkey Tower, Lion’s Den, Jungle Swinger, and Jungle Tower.

MOnkey tower

With features including swings, slides, rock walls, picnic tables, monkey bars, trapezes, wooden or vinyl roofs, and more, ChildLife swing sets and playsets offer plenty of options for creating a custom play structure for your kids. Our experienced staff will help you select the specific set that best fits your needs and your yard, and our expert installation crew will work to ensure your set is constructed and installed perfectly. With a ChildLife playset, your family is guaranteed to enjoy outdoor fun for years to come.

lions den

Call Woodplay of the Carolinas today at 919-781-6556 to learn more about how an affordable ChildLife playset can add many years of fun to your yard!

Woodplay of the Carolinas is located in Raleigh, NC and specializes in delivering the highest quality wooden playsets on the market with personalized customer service, expert installation, and industry-leading warranties.