Trick-or-Treat, Have a Sweet!



October, 2016

It is that time of year when children are so excited to dress up and wear their fantastic costumes! Perhaps their costumes have already been purchased or that is something on your to-do-list. Whichever is the case, you are still ahead of the game! There is only 30 or so more days left to find that perfect costume because, as parents, we try our best to see them happy. In fact, their smiles and joy is what brings us together as a community.

We have included a couple of safety tips in preparation for Halloween. Also, we suggested a few fun activities to do with your family. Don’t miss out on these cool experiences that will last a lifetime!

Safety Tips
Halloween is super fun, but we always want to ensure safety in our children. Below you will find some tips we want you to know:

  1. Know Your Way – Make sure to know the area where you plan to trick-or-treat to avoid getting lost. Also, inform another family member where you will be located.
  2. Wear Comfortable Shoes – Depending on the weather, it might be chilly so closed shoes would be safer to wear.
  3. Costume Length – Make sure your child’s costume is not too long to avoid any falls.
  4. Light ‘Em Up – It will be dark so it is important not to blend in with the darkness. Bring a flashlight to alert others of your presence and to allow children to see their path.
  5. Beware The Masks – Some children may have difficulty breathing through the material so it is better to use non-toxic makeup as a substitute.
  6. Use Plastic Props – Do not choose a costume that will injure your child or someone else. If a costume has weapons, then please ensure they are made out of plastic material.
  7. Check The Candy – After the fun is over, make sure to throw away any candy that appears to be opened.
  8. Drive Extra Safely – Most children go trick-or-treating from 5:30 to 9:30pm so make sure to slow down and be alert of children crossing the streets.

For more safety tips, click here.

Also, we are giving out reflective Halloween bags available for each of your children for their safety at our store for FREE!! 

Fun Activities
Looking for some cool and fun fall activities? Well, here are some amazing memories to make!
– Pick pumpkins at a pumpkin patch
– Tell ghost stories and make up your own
– Go to a corn maze
– Watch a Halloween movie like Hocus Pocus
– Dress up your pets in costumes
– Read Halloween books
– Rake leaves, make a pile, and jump on it!

P.S. Humor Alert:
What does a vampire never order at a restaurant?  A stake sandwich.
What holiday is after Halloween on Dracula’s calendar?  Fangs-giving.

Have a SAFE and FUN Halloween!





We hope you are doing great 🙂 We decided to help the community by accepting any donations of canned goods, dog or cat food, or winter coats. For each donation per individual, you receive a FREE knotted rope disc swing. Please help us make a difference in the community!

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PLAY Matters!

As the traditional school year approaches, most of us are reflecting back on the exciting adventures we experienced this summer with our families. Whether that included spontaneous road trips, swimming pool and birthday parties, Disney World, or amusement parks, we know for a fact time is going by super quick. In the other side of the spectrum, we have others who are most likely wishing for fall already – cool temperatures, wonderful scenery in nature, holiday season, or perhaps, travel plans. There is one important aspect we should all think about, though. That is appreciation. We should appreciate our family, but most importantly, our children. They bring the joy out of us in any single way possible. Nothing beats seeing your child have on the brightest and cheery smile. By far, nothing can ever beat the joy they experience when they are outdoors and play.

Play is very important in the development and growth of our children. It encourages them to meet new friends, stay physically active, be able to focus more, take leadership in their actions, and be creative. These benefits are not only for our children. They are also for us! The next time you are under a bucket load of stress, take a short break and take your child for a walk. Take him or her to the park. Go with him or her outdoors and play on the swing set. Watch how they interact when they play. You will soon realize the importance of play because it really does matter! It matters to the point where children learn the most while playing and interacting with others. We all want the best for our children, right? Well, if you have not already done so, make time for them to PLAY. It is so rewarding for him or her and for you, too!

For more information on the importance of play, click here. These amazing TED talks are so inspirational!!


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