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Woodplay and Father's Day!

Picture it, it is Father’s Day, your husband wants a basketball goal as a gift aka it is basically a gift for your 3 year old son and gives dad an excuse to be a big kid again, while getting away with it 😉 But in the back of your mind you’re thinking, “gosh, he is just so young and so small! He won’t even get to play with it for quite a while! Why should I make this kind of investment now?!”

It’s scary, isn’t it? Thinking of spending your hard earned money on something for it to not be used or touched until years down the road. We hear you. Here is what you don’t know about making the investment on your 3 year old as well as dad! Goalrilla Basketball goals are made for ALL ages! But wait, how is that?! They can be lowered to meet the height you need at that time! 3 year old Johnny or Jenny wants to play basketball, dad or mom wants to play basketball, and now they can! For this stage in life, they will need a smaller basketball so their little hands can hold it and start learning how to play! This is the perfect time to learn words with games such as HORSE and PIG. Who would have known a basketball goal could help with spelling?! Three years later, they have grown another foot and have mastered this level, now it is time to raise the goal up again and get a little bit bigger basketball! Now they are learning techniques and the drills for basketball from mom or dad and the players they are watching on tv! Maybe now they are getting signed up for the local rec team and is already ahead of their fellow teammates because they have been learning and playing at home! Five to seven more years go by! They are so tall now! It is time to move the goal up to its full height and use a regular basketball! Now instead of learning, they are play against mom or dad and having their buddies over to play games! Staying outdoors and sweating playing with friends, rather than staying on the cell phone or game system. Now they are an adult, in college, coming home for Thanksgiving. You look out the window Thanksgiving morning and you see them playing one on one with mom or dad before time to come in and shower to get ready for the day!

Some see it as just a basketball goal. We see it as a lifetime of memories and bonding. Bonding between father or mother and son or daughter throughout every stage of life and beyond. Memories that you can’t get from playing a video game or staying in a bedroom all the time. Memories and experiences that can be handed down from parent to child to grandkid. What a beautiful life a basketball goal can give to your family.

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