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Woodplay of the Carolinas is dedicating to delivering the highest quality outdoor play equipment on the market. This is why we are proud to carry springless trampolines and trampoline accessories by SpringFree, makers of “the world’s safest trampoline.”

The World’s First Smart Trampoline

Springfree Trampoline is the Smart Trampoline.  We believe in helping families go outside and be active. We are the leaders in our industry in innovation, safety and quality. Kids deserve safe, active outdoor play and that’s what Springfree delivers. Our latest innovation, tgoma is the only digital interactive trampoline game system that engages the entire family  in backyard fun. Combined with our patented safety system, Springfree featuring tgoma has removed the impact areas that cause injury by removing the need for springs, moving the frame to below the mat and removing all hard edges at the jumping surface.  We use only the highest quality materials in our manufacturing so your family gets the same enjoyment year after year.


SpringFree Trampolines Come in the Following Shapes and Sizes:

Springfree 10′ Medium Round Smart Trampoline™ with Safety Enclosure – The 10ft round trampoline is designed for medium-sized yards and children of all ages.

Springfree 8’x11′ Medium Oval Smart Trampoline™ with Safety Enclosure – The 8 x 11ft oval trampoline is designed to maximize the space in your backyard, for children of all ages.

Springfree 8’x13′ Large Oval Smart Trampoline™ with Safety Enclosure – The 8 x 13ft oval trampoline is designed for large yards and children (and adults!) of all ages.

Springfree 11′ x 11′ Large Square Smart Trampoline™ with Safety Enclosure – The jumping surface of Springfree’s 11ft square trampoline is equivalent to that of a 14ft square trampoline with springs. The large square smart trampoline allows you to maximize your jumping surface while saving valuable backyard space.

Springfree 13′ x 13′ Jumbo Square Smart Trampoline™ with Safety Enclosure – The 13ft square trampoline is designed for spacious backyards and active jumpers.

Still can’t decide? Click here for detailed specs!


Introducing tgoma®

Sensors on the trampoline mat connect via Bluetooth® to your tablet. Using your body as a controller, the sensors track your movement creating an interactive experience. With games to exercise both the body and brain tgoma encourages families to go outside and be active.

  • This is the first outdoor interactive digital gaming system that encourages kids to go outside and be active. It is a new way to play!!
  • This is a great way to increase family time outside in the backyard.
  • It is designed to be fun for both kids and adults!


This is how it works:

  1. Buy a Springfree trampoline and receive the tgoma system with your purchase.
  2. Download the tgomas software from Apple iTunes or Google Play to your iPad/tablet.
  3. Attach the tgoma gaming system to your Springfree trampoline following simple set-up steps. The controller will wirelessly connect to your iPad/tablet.
  4. Play games by jumping around your trampoline. Get fit while having fun!

For more information on tgoma, please visit the Springfree website.

SpringFree trampolines have won numerous awards for their innovative design and unmatched safety. We at Woodplay of the Carolinas invite you to visit our showroom to learn more and try out a SpringFree trampoline for yourself!

Warranty Coverage: Springfree warrants its products to be free of defects in material and workmanship under normal domestic use and service conditions which do not include general wear and tear, burns, cuts or snags.

With basic warranty when trampoline is not registered online, the frame and rods have four years of warranty and the mat and and net have one year of warranty.

DOUBLE your warranty by registering your Springfree Trampoline! Click here for registration. When trampoline is registered online, the frame will now have eight years of warranty, and the mat, rods, and net have two years of warranty!




Call Woodplay of the Carolinas today at 919-781-6556 to learn more about the unsurpassed safety built into SpringFree trampolines!

Woodplay of the Carolinas is located in Raleigh, NC and specializes in delivering the highest quality wooden playsets, SpringFree trampolines, and Goalrilla basketball equipment with personalized customer service, expert installation, and industry-leading warranties.